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A digital nomad from Amsterdam with a bountiful amount of energy and a bad case of the travel bug. A roamer at heart, a true storyteller, a go-getter and above all, a writer. A creative whirlwind putting ideas into action, poetry into projects and dreams into reality. With a backpack full off marketing and PR knowledge, Jones gets it done--whether it’s writing a website text, an inspiring bio for your brand, leading a successful poetry workshop or managing all-round projects from A to Z. She puts plans into action while most are still thinking about it. A positive spirit solving problems and writing her way through life with a smile. She found home on the island of Bali where she writes, organizes and creates.

Available as a multitalented “girlboss" on a freelance basis.

On this website more on her talents and projects.

Get in touch:
info@jonesproductions.nl or check:

Skype: J.Siahailatua